Additional fee

The proof of making payment for parking a vehicle in metered parking zone is subscription, “O” ID, or parking meter printout placed behind windshield in that vehicle in such a way that is is readable from outside of the car.

You should make sure yourself if the proof is visible and readable from outside of your vehicle. Leaving the car parked after the parking period defined on parking meter printout expired is equivalent with not making payment for parking that vehicle. Parking a vehicle with invalid subscription, invalid “O” ID, or using subscription in a zone or subzone outside the area defined on that subscription is equivalent with not making payment for parking that vehicle. If the person parking a vehicle violates the above terms, ticket inspector is obliged to issue a notification informing the vehicle owner of a given license number of charging him/her with additional fee arising from not making payment for parking their car.

The notification is secured with plastic wrap and placed under a wiper of the car.

The notification contains the following details:

1. Number.

2. Name and address of the road authority, whose inspectors conduct the control.

3. Date and time of the control.

4. License number and make of the vehicle.

5. Location where the vehicle is parked.

6. The amount, deadline, and method of paying the additional fee.

7. Number and signature of the ticket inspector.

The amount of additional fee for failing to pay for vehicle parking in the metered parking zone shall be:

– PLN 50 – for failure to pay for parking,

– PLN 30 – in the case of lapse of time shown on parking meter ticket print-out or lapse of time paid for using a mobile phone