Mobile Payments

City Parking Group, operator of the paid parking zone, informs that the mobile phone payment service, provided by mPay, for parking of vehicles in the paid parking zone in Wrocław will be discontinued as of the 1st of June 2015. Termination of mPay services in the parking zone does not affect other mPay functionalities, which are offered to users independently of the service in the parking zone. Funds deposited by users at mPay will be still available for use, in accordance with the rules of the mPay system. Information on how to use mPay, deposit and withdraw deposited funds can be found on the website and at mPay Customer Service. The parking zone continues to offer payments via mobile phones, through services provided by two operators of mobile payments: SkyCash and mobiParking.
Should you have any questions, employees of the City Parking Group are ready to you personally, by phone or e-mail:
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Paid Parking Zone Customer Service
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tel. +48 71 345 89 01,

For the attention to the drivers using mobile payments for parking!

We inform that due to the changes in the scope of services provided by Plus GSM (Polkomtel), as from the day of 27 February 2015 the drivers using Skycash and MobiParking methods may not be able to pay the parking fees via USSD codes.

Mobile payments are available for Plus GSM customers through sms, voice channel and phone application.

To have their data protected, drivers using SkyCash mobile payments should update the security certificates.

Information for the drivers, Plus GSM customers using mobile payments:

On 27 February 2015 Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. stopped providing services to its partners using the infrastructure for USSD codes utilisation for the purposes other than customer services and recharging pre-paid mobile services accounts.

That means Plus GSM deactivated the USSD services for Skycash and MobiParking operators.

Each user of MobiParking (Skycash) service in Plus network has received a message from operator with the information about that fact.

Payments for parking fees using mobile phones are available through the following access channels:

– sms

– voice channel

– phone application

– and USSD codes for persons using Orange and Play services.

Information for the drivers using the services of Skycash mobile payments operator:

Using the application on older generation mobile phones.

According to the operator’s information, due to the needs of maintaining the highest security standards for electronic transactions, SkyCash has updated the so called application security certificate. Currently valid certificate is compatible only with mobile phone operating systems which offer suitable security level.

Older generation operating systems, such as Windows Mobile 6.5 or some versions of Symbian or Java no longer meet those requirements. Due to that, the SkyCash application is currently available for the phones with the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and – to a limited extent – with Symbian and Java.



1. Using on-line bank transfer through recharging panel (Dotpay, Przelewy24)Set up an account and activate the service. The process of setting up an account is described step by step on web page of the mobile operator of your choosing:



This way you create individual parking funds connected to your mobile phone number and license number of your vehicle.

2. Charge your parking funds using method you prefer:

  • Using standard bank transfer
  • Linking pay card (Visa, MasterCard – depending on the mobile operator) to your parking funds
  • Using money order
  • Or using other method, e.g. recharging the card in one of Zabka shops (mobiParking), using text message (Skycash)

3. Start payment operation through a mobile phone.

You can choose from several methods of making the payment – use the one you prefer:

  • You can send a text command to the listed phone number of mobile operator (mobiParking). The commands and phone numbers are listed on parking meters, in detailed instructions, or on the mobile operator web page.
  • You can dial predefined quick access codes (mobiParking) – available from the mobile operator’s web page.
  • After you have installed mobile application on your phone – select the appropriate payment option (mobiParking or Skycash). The application can be downloaded directly through the phone or from mobile operators’ web pages.

Web pages of mobile operators: