CityParkApp is an easy to use application enabling payment for parking in paid parking zones via mobile phone. Paying for parking using the CityParkApp takes only several seconds. The application CityParkApp may be downloaded free of charge from Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone Store.

  • No need to have coins.
  • No need to go back to the vehicle to extend the parking time.
  • No overpaying – with the application you will pay exactly for the time of parking. You can also pay for specified parking time or you can just pay certain amount of your choice.
  • No need to worry about parking tickets – just display a service ID on the windshield of your vehicle and the parking ticket inspector will know that you use CityParkApp.

Set up your account in CityParkApp, define at least one vehicle and connect your account with your payment card which will be a source of funds to pay for parking. Thanks to the cooperation with uPaid and MasterPass, payment for parking using CityParkApp is possible without the need to top up an additional „electronic purse”.


To enable the parking ticket inspectors knowing that you use CityParkApp application, we prepared a special ID for you, to be displayed on the windshield of your vehicle. Receive it free of charge at the Paid Parking Zone Office in the city where the services offered by City Parking Group are available.

See how simple it is!

  • Download the application.
  • Register your vehicle in the application.
  • Register your payment card in the application.
  • Display the identifier on the windshield.


You’re ready to use the CityParkApp application!


Pay for actual parking time – you start and stop parking time at any moment.


Buy time-limit tickets – if you are attached to the traditional way of payment for parking, we offer you time-limit tickets. Using them, you can specify the parking time in advance and pay for parking in your chosen zone.


Pay a certain amount – specify the amount you want to spend on parking. Based on that amount, the system will calculate for you the total possible time of parking your vehicle.


Control your expenses – using the WWW account, you have control over your parking expenses. Enjoy the convenient system of filtering the payments, view and print the history of your fees.


Description of the system and terms of the services are available at: