SkyCash/mobiParking is a universal mobile payment system that allows, among other things, making payments for parking in Paid Parking Zones via mobile phone. Parking fee is calculated for the actual time of parking, with the minimum fee included.
SkyCash/mobiParking works as a prepaid service, i.e. to pay for parking the vehicle you need funds available on your SkyCash/mobiParking account.
Benefits of using the SkyCash/mobiParking service:

  • system operates with all GSM providers and on any phone with Internet access,
  • beginning of parking can also be sent via SMS, special numbers and IVR commands,
  • you pay for actual parking time, with accuracy of one minute,
  • no need to anticipate parking time,
  • no need to find parking meters,
  • no need to have coins to pay for parking,
  • excellent solution if you want to park your vehicle for a few minutes,
  • you can prolong parking time using your mobile phone,
  • at any time, you can check using your mobile phone how long your vehicle is parked,
  • owner of any mobile phone registered in Poland may be invited to use SkyCash / mobiParking,
  • payments can be made using the application installed in your phone or via the online transaction system at

mobiParking Terms of Service

SkyCash Terms of Service