Information for disabled persons

Disabled persons, as defined in Resolution no. XLIX/1437/10 of the City Council of Wroclaw from April 22, 2010, paragraph 3 notice Wrocław City Council on 4 September 2014 . on the uniform text on  the resolution was published in the Official Journal of Lower Silesia of 17 September 2014 . pos. 3875 (text of the resolution can be found in PDF file for download  , are entitled to parking their vehicles in the entire metered parking zone in Wroclaw free of charge, provided they place behind windshield of the car their “O” ID.

Terms for obtaining the “O” ID are governed by President of Wroclaw decree no. 9504/13 of December 31, 2013. Text of the decree can be found in PDF file for download

Disabled persons, who own a parking card as defined in article 8 of resolution from March 21, 1985, Traffic Law Act (Journal of Laws from 2015, no. 460 as amended) – text of the resolution can be found in PDF file for download – are entitled to parking the vehicles free of charge after placing their parking cards behind windshields of the cars, but only in locations marked by the restricted parking space for the disabled sign.